From Sarah, Becky and all the staff at Broadway, we just wanted to say a massive thank you to all parents for your continuous support and being understanding of the situation we are facing at the moment. It is such a difficult time for us all but knowing that children of keyworkers need the childcare is more rewarding to us; knowing we can give them the consistent care they need with the disruption of everything else around them. We are trying to keep the children’s routine as normal as possible and giving them plenty of opportunities to play outdoors as possible.We have been keeping you all updated via mail merge regarding information from Government, invoices and activities at home ideas. Please see our free online resource page where there is available worksheets to download or print off for yourselves to keep busy. We hope to see changes very soon for us all. Thank you again.


As most of you will be aware, we have a uniform for our Busy Bees children to support them with their journey to school readiness which consists of a polo t-shirt and jumper. We also have purple nursery gym bags available for every room for your child’s spare clothes. If you would like to order an item of our uniform, please speak to Sarah or Becky regarding when the next order will be going in. We have already given out letter’s back in March 2020 for those children who have moved up in April, but we have not received enough order forms back to order, as we can only purchase in large bulks. We are aware that a couple of you have and are waiting, so we will let you know when the order for uniform has been made. If you have misplaced the form, then please ask staff for another one or please email and we will send you the order form. We will be making an order for all our children moving upstairs for September.

Staff Member of the Month Award

We would like to ask all parents/carers and children to nominate a member of staff who has stood out to them over the course of the month as someone who has made their experience of Broadway a positive one.  We really want to hear your voice and help us to celebrate how amazing our staff are!  You will be given a slip by a member of staff.  Please give the slip to member of staff at the door and they will post this in the white box for you.


A reminder for parents,those children who are due to receive 30hours free entitlement from September will need to do an eligibility check on the HMRC website and share the codewith usbefore 31st August in order to receive these free hours. If you are not sure whether you are entitled or not, feel free to speak or email Sarah or Becky for more information. A form will be given out or emailedto you to allow you to complete in the coming weeks.


Just to make you aware that for those children who receive funding, we must keep a record of your child’s attendance and if necessary, we must inform the local authority if your child is absent on a regular basis.  Any funded days missed by your child due to sickness or holidays will unfortunately be lost and these cannot be saved and used elsewhere.

For fully funded children, can we ask they stick to the agreed contracted hours and can we also remind you of our nurserymealtime routine.

8am-8:45am Breakfast

11:30am-12pm Dinner (Downstairs)

12pm-12:45pm Dinner (Busy Bees)

3pm-4:30pm PM Snack (Busy Bees rolling tea)

3:15pm-4pm PM Snack (Downstairs)


Summer Term

Mon 20th April 2020
to Fri 17th July 2020

Concept Photography

Wed 6th May 2020
to Fri 17th July 2020

To confirm an alternative date

May half term
(1 week)

W/C 25th May 2020

Summer Holidays
(7 week)

W/C 20th July 2020
7th September 2020

Bank Holiday dates

Friday 10th April 2020
Monday 13th April 2020
Friday 8th May 2020
Monday 25th May 2020
Monday 31st August 2020

Room News & Events

Bunnikin’s &Rainbow’s (0-2-year-old)

Our topics over thissummer term are:

  • Easter
  • Summer
  • Father’s Day

Could you please ensure that your child always has plenty of nappies in nursery. We pop notes on Dayshare when we are running low so please check the comments at the bottom each day.

Please ensure that your child’sbags are kept stocked up with age appropriate clothing on a regular basis and can you clearly label coats/hats/scarfs/wellies/bags etc

Can you please ensure that your child has a new sunhat and sun cream at nursery as we will be accessing outdoors more frequently.

We would like to welcomeSarah to our team, who will be based in our Bunnikin’s when all back to normal, but currently working with our under 2’s.

Thankyou x

Busy Bees (2-4-year-old)

The topics we are going to be focussing on are:

  • Easter
  • Summer Holidays
  • St George’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Lifecycle- Growth & Change

Just to make you aware that we do not use Daysharewhilst upin Busy Bees.  This is due to the number of children present each day and the impact that this has on staff’s time with the children. We aremore than happy to verbally communicate how their day has been, but should you require a Dayshare for any other reason, please let us know.

Can you please ensure that your child has a new sunhat and sun cream at nursery as we will be spending a lot of time outside learning andexploring nature.

We would like to welcome Fahima to our team, who will be based in our Busy Bee’s when all back to normal, but currently working with our over 2’s.

Thanks x